Name: Flat Iron Steak 

Location: Shoreditch

Price: ££


Recently I have been craving steak like there is no tomorrow. Usually my parents and I would just go up to our local Weatherspoons and enjoy a cheap and cheerful steak there. This time I decided to look for an actual steak place to take my parents, also to celebrate both father’s day and my mother’s birthday. After serious googling at work and asking around, I decided on Flat Iron Steak after a recommendation from a work colleague.

Flat Iron Steak is a British restaurant, serving only steak with various sides. The menu is pretty simple which I found quite nice. Having numerous things on a menu can throw you off because you never know what you want. But only being given the choice of one meal is quite satisfying because you know that you’re not missing out on anything else.



As mentioned I enjoyed how simple the menu was, it literally gets straight to the point. The restaurant was very original and natural, they had a log burning in the far end of the restaurant which, gave it a nice homely feel.

(Apologies for my lack of Images I was literally there for the food aha)

The portion size I feel was alright, I probably could have had a few more bits of meat, but I just have the appetite of a gorilla.


I found it very difficult to find the menu an pricing online as their website only hold information of their various branches. After long searches to find the menu, I was really upset that the Shoreditch branch (being new) hadn’t yet had a dessert menu. I was really looking forward to have their salted caramel dessert 🙁


I was very impressed with Flat Iron, and definitely see myself going back in the future (to a branch with a dessert menu obviously). For what you pay the food is defo up to standard, and I would recommend anyone if they feel like a bit of steak and chips.


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